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Self Installation Materials

Deer Fencing
Different types of deer fencing material including rolls of poly mesh and metal deer fencing

Deer Fence Kits
Deer fence kits designed to exclude deer and wildlife

Garden Fence Kits
Fence kits designed to safely enclose a garden

Dog Fence Kits
Material most often used to surround a garden

Other Components and Information

Deer Fence Gates
Access gates for deer, garden and dog fence kits

Deer Fence Posts
Posts, ground sleeves and related parts

Deer Fence Support
Cabling, fence ties and connectors

Deer Fence Accessories
Ground stakes, hogringers & misc.

Deer Fence Photos

Photos of self installed deer fence systems sent in by customers. Also, photos of fence systems we've professionally installed.
Deer Grates
Structures typically used in place of an access gate across a driveway entrance

Tick Control
Why deer fence? Aside from being inexpensive and nearly invisible, a deer fence will help lower the amount of ticks in your space.
This can mean 90% fewer ticks over time!

Deer Grates, Concrete Deer Grates & Metal Deer Grates

Deer grates are very heavy structures made of concrete (7000-9000 lbs each piece) or metal (1800- 2500 lbs) that are placed into your driveway entrance. Deer fencing, masonry or another type of obstacle is positioned to either side to prevent deer from jumping the grates front to side. Deer grates have raised slats on which the deer won't walk because of uneven footing.
Deer grates are used in place of or in addition to a driveway gate and are 100% effective when installed properly and maintained

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Types of deer grates

Steel reinforced concrete deer grates are not to be confused with cattle grates and cannot be walked over by deer.
The side and cross spacing is rounded to a point and too thin for deer to walk over.

Concrete deer grates

deer grates

For more pictures, diagrams and a video click here: concrete deer grates page 2
For pictures of grates being delivered and placed, click here: deer grates page 3

12 foot wide x 14 foot deep deer grates & 16 foot x 14 foot deer grates are available in concrete

 24 deep hole required for grate installation
 hole requires four 3 layers of compacted gravel or similar, leaving 12 hole to grade
12 grate requires 12-9 x 14-9 opening
16' grate requires 166x 149

One year warranty covering manufacturer defects. Deer grate weight limits: HS20 loading standard, 36 ton moving weight (70,000 lbs) limit or 20,000 lb axle weight at a standstill limit (standard state highway weight limit specs)

Grate placement takes approximately 1 hour.

Please call or email with your zip code for exact pricing and shipping information. Deer grates delivered and placed are very cost specific to your geographic area. Standard grate placement area: CT, NY, MA, RI, NJ, VA, MD, PA and vicinity. Can be shipped anywhere. Hole prep service available in the greater CT, MA, RI and NY (Westchester county area), as well as after grate placement surrounds to prevent diagonal deer jumping.  Call and schedule your deer grate installation today!

deer grates

Click to enlarge:

concrete deer grates

This customer used some black aluminum fencing to bridge the gap between his deer grates and an existing stone wall.

  Metal deer grates are also available.
For more information, pictures or comparisons please visit our metal deer grate page.